Happy New Year dear readers! 2016-shaming is so yesterday, let´s focus on the festival season 2017.

This personal „Best of“ does not contain pictures of every year, I only publish those with acceptable quality. A blurry photo of Dio from 2006 will not do justice to the show, at least that´s my opinion. All those photos were taken with an ordinary compact camera, 2016 was the first time I captured the festival with my professional eqiupment…So if you´re not into „straight from the crowd“ photos, switch to category 2016 😉

My very first Rock Hard Festival experience was in 2005, also it was my very first festival at all. Since then it is a permanent part of my festival season. Accept was the highlight in 2005 for me. Dio was the main thing in the next year. The best surprise was the appearance of some Bullet guys in 2012. I did not know that they perform with Rokken together. More surprises like this, please! Also a main highlight in 2012 was my first crowd surfing experience during the W.A.S.P show!

Crucified Barbara 2006/ Bullet 2011/ Thunderstom that cancelled Bullet autograph session 2011/ Tankard 2012 / Kvelertak 2012/ Rokken-Bullet 2012/ W.A.S.P 2012 / Queensryche 2012 / Shoe selfie before crowd surfing 2012/ King Diamond 2013 /Sacred Reich 2013 / Insomnium 2014/ Air Raid 2015 / Black Star Riders 2015 / With my partner in crime Psychorizon 2016 ( )

The billing for 2017 is not complete yet, but there are some great announcements already: Asphyx, Behemoth,Blues Pills, Candlemass, D-A-D,Exodus,Fates Warning,  Mantar, Night Demon, Ross The Boss, Secrets Of The Moon & Skyclad. See you soon!



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