Nord Open Air 2015

Four weeks to go until Nord Open Air will shred our weekend!
No bullshit dog tag payment, no bullshit ego trip organizer, no bullshit billing…just two days of great bands and party!


Running Order is already online:

Friday 24.07.2015

Rogers 13:30-14:00
Crushing Caspars 14:15-14:45
H2O 15:00-15:50
Crimson Ghosts 16:10-16:50
No Turning Back 17:10-17:50
Tim Vantol 18:10-18:55
Red City Radio 19:15-20:00
Rykers 20:20-21:20
The Toy Dolls 21:40-23:00

Saturday 25.07.2015

In Weak Lights 13:00-13:30
The Resistance 13:45-14:25
Crossplane 14:50-15:30
Vader 15:50-16:35
Audrey Horne 16:55-17:40
Hardcore Superstar 18:00-19:00
The Haunted 19:20-20:20
Crowbar 20:40-21:40
Soilwork 22:00-23:00

As usual some people complain about the stage schedule of their favorite bands like H2O…C´mon it´s not so hard to understand that business is business and you should simply be happy that NOA serves you those bands FOR FREE!
Just come and have a great time or should I say it like Hardcore Superstar: Last call for alcohol 😉



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