Muskelrock 2015


Six weeks left before I will visit this magical place called Tyrolen, because this year I´m strong enough for Muskelrock! …or I would say the holiday plan was finally was on my side.

In contrast to larger than life festivals such as Wacken this festival is a much familiar place for about 1500 headbangers. Tyrolen originally was a theme park in the 1960s and was closed for several years before Tyrolens Vänner ( Friends of Tyrolen ) bought it and arranged different events as Muskelrock.
I really like the idea to recycle a cool place like this and keep it alive with a new function.

So if someone is also planning to visit Muskelrock/ Sweden for the first time, you should know something about alcohol. In Germany alcohol is pretty cheap, not so in Sweden…just saying.
Also if you want to buy some stuff you should find out where you can find the nearest Systembolaget. You can only buy alcoholic beverages that contain more than 3.5% in those liquor stores.
And you might drop words as Alster, Krefelder, Radler…there are no Swedish words for this…reducing beer with soft drinks is not popular in Sweden. So the liver should be also strong enough for Muskelrock.

For other information about camping, food, etc. please visit the official site:

Billing for 2015:


Just to name a few: Anvil, Ashbury, Blues Pills, Heat, Night Viper, Tyranex, Vidunder…

And one of the most important questions: What the hell do I have to expect from Bullet & Thor?


Papa might have some wrestling action on stage? Well, I will let myself be surprised 🙂

Vi ses!



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