What rhymes with a rainy Sunday?-Anthrax…here we go!

At this place a big thanks to my favorite security guys at the Rock Hard pit, for catching me no matter what!




Here we go again, sitting in the heat and writing about our favorite festival…Guess every press person feels the struggle not feeling like Bill Murray in „Groundhog Day“ when writing down a recent review. Simply because you don´t wanna sound similar every year…that´s why I start with something negative today: food+soft drink prices. As I´ve already been to festivals in Sweden and Denmark I know high prices. But the difference is the quality. If you order a „pricy“ vegetarian dish there, you get good food instead of a poor looking pizza and some mushy fries…Talking about food, my weirdest conversation this year included „easy cheese“. If you don´t know what I´m talking about, please ask the world wide web. Thanks to Visigoth for expanding my knowledge in fast food. Also I know this service from other countries, it would be brilliant to have at least one free water tap. Guess some people are worried about lost sales, but if some die-hard beer drinkers might have a water in between, they surely last longer and buy more alcoholic drinks? I´m pleased that the Rock Hard Festival allows up to 1.5l soft drinks, but how many men bring along a handbag, huh? Lizzy Borden for example could perfectly wear a studded handbag matching his jockstrap. Sorry not sorry. This band surprised me not only visual, also musically. Back to the food, Miss Psychorizon and I had a good Magnum while Magnum played on Sunday.  My personal favorite headliner Anthrax also played on Sunday, as I mentioned it before, I was caught in a mosh. Finally it was time for my traditional crowd surfing moment. This includes one of the most important people of the weekend, the security! If they can´t catch you, you´re doing it wrong!

Overall a solid festival again, I will not even complain about the weather this time. Good company is priceless, not as fake likes by fake people.

More individual uploads of Tygers Of Pan Tang, Lizzy Borden, Watain, Tyler Leads, The Vintage Caravan, Skid Row, Cannibal Corpse, Visigoth, Fifth Angel, Magnum and Anthrax soon!




Here we go again, in 7 weeks you´ve already survived two days of Rock Hard Festival and you´re trying to stay alive for your date with Anthrax. My ultimate childhood memory is the iconic appearance on „Married with children“, guess since then they had lots of catering food similar to the „mystery pack“. Watch out, I´m probably caught in a mosh! Woohooo!

By the way, another US band I´m looking forward to see is Visigoth. Actually I thought there will be triple gig in a row for Night Demon…Gotcha, one year pause and a headliner spot next year? Go for it!!!


As usual the festival will be a wild mix of international big names, cult status childhood heroes you´re longing for, famous local bands and new faces and sounds that will catch your attention. Talking about the local band wagon, this year Chapel Of Disease, Long Distance Calling, The Idiots, Tyler Leads and Vulture represent the local diversity. Especially Tyler Leads got lots of premature praise, so let´s find out if those people were in the right condition to judge…I hope so!


The Vintage Caravan will show you why they survived the retro-rock-hype of the past. Simply because they are authentic and talented, never underestimate those two rare gifts in 2019. We´re living in a decade where soulless „influencer“ try to make business with bullshit, it´s time to turn the tables and bring true talent back to the spotlight!


Also looking foward to hear The Obsessed, Watain and Heir Apparent. Bands from different genres I´ve never seen before live, always great to discover new favorites maybe.

Last but not least let´s see why the Rock Hard Festival location is my favorite location: One major plus is the stage. I mean only one damn headliner stage. This makes it so much easier to plan your day. Guess we all know the struggle to get from stage A to B in a few minutes, ´cause the running order of (too big) festivals is always a bitch…Talking about bitches, never listen to haters or negative people, enjoy your bands, your beer, your festival, your moment.

See you soon!