Some more photos of Rock Hard Festival 2018, this time Marduk:




When it comes to pyro, maybe less is more ha ha! Bullet featuring the brave firemen Dejan and Kriss…After one full tour with his favorite guys, Jocke knows how to take a bad ass front-of-stage selfie.



Last Saturday I probably had a beer in my left hand and my camera in the right hand. To keep up the Muskelrock mood I´m listening to „Part Human, Mostly Beast“ by Honeymoon Disease while I´m writing this. Still did not open their wonderbaum, I´m just too afraid ha ha! We got three days of never-ending sun, great music, the best festival food on the planet and some mosquitos…It´s always something, right? Another plus for the festival is that it starts on Thursday! One dude remarked pretty happy on Friday morning, it´s just Friday-that means two more days! Breakfast tastes much better with such an important information! Also breakfast is so much better in a solid house…Even though Muskelrock camping does not look as bad as on other festivals, if there´s another option, I´d go for that!

Actually I planned to finally check out the lake nearby…But somehow it was even too hot to walk to the water ha ha…maybe next time.  Also I thought it wouldn´t be such a long way home…First a fire affected all trains, then we got some problems with the tracks. After that a delayed plane, which of course followed by a late train…and some rail replacement buses. Guess the Airbourne song is about travelling „no way but the hard way, so get used to it“ ha ha!

There will be some more photos by Bullet, Thor, Hällas, Honeymoon Disease, RAM, Night Viper, Asbury, Slaegt, Cirith Ungol, Spiders, Oliver Dawson Saxon, Death Alley and Spiders soon!  A note about the bands in general, I was counting 12 bands with various female musicians, which is a lot, compared to German festivals…Just saying!





Personal checklist:

Perfect festival weather – check…Well, partly even too sunny for photographers. But even I take sun over muddy whatever any day! Never mind!

Bruises due to crowd surfing – check…Overkill made me do it…again!

Person dropping out of my car – check…Lol, never seen such an epic slow motion drop before ha ha!

Avoiding sunburn – check!!!

Buying at least one pretty band shirt from the festival line-up – check…

Full galleries of Diamond Head / Tiamat / Cirith Ungol / Marduk / Axel Rudi Pell / Overkill / Night Demon / Uli Jon Roth / Backyard babies / Armored Saint / Saxon will be uploaded soon!