Dear reader, in 9 weeks you´re on a festival, the Rock Hard Festival. Same procedure as every year, since 2003 or in my case since 2005.

As usual they serve us some new stuff, some familiar faces and some good company. Also in some cases poor judgement, you know that type of person that said „one last drink“ several hours ago…again, for some same procedure as every year. None of my business, but I personally like to remember the shows from the day before.

But let´s see the facts, which bands will play this year:

rhf banner

Hardly remember Armored Saint from 2007, so it´s really time to see them on my favorite German outdoor stage after that long time! Another surprise was the return of Night Demon so quickly, but they really deserved this full length encore this year! As you may know there was some trouble with the entrance last time…


Also I´m thrilled to see Yorck performing with Sodom on the holy stage of Amphitheater. Living the dream, last year professional stage hand, this time on stage, thumbs up dude!

Another thrilling new line-up will be the new ladies of Thundermother. Liked the old members, so let´s see how the remastered band will appear.


Overkill, Saxon, Diamond Head and Uli Jon Roth will rock the stage, like they always do, so with those classics you just can´t do wrong.

Haven´t seen Dool, Leatherwolf and The New Roses yet, so I´m looking forward to see what they will offer us.


Rain or shine, see you soon!




In exact 14 weeks I´m on the way back home from Muskelrock 2018. It´s the 10 year anniversary this year. As I found out, the people of Muskelrock already had the balls 5 years ago, to come up with a secret line up show! Again the billing is a secret, the only official information is THOR + 30 bands.


So here are my thoughts about the billing. Please keep in mind, this is only my personal“wishlist“, not the real line-up! I will find out in 14 weeks if I won the band lottery or not!

In alphabetical order: Alice Cooper-Blood Ceremony-Bullet-Danko Jones-Diemonds-Gold-Grand Magus-Hell-Honeymoon Disease-Jex Thoth-John Hoyles-Kvelertak-Lester Greenowski-Maggot Heart-Michael Monroe-Night Viper-Odcult-Orchid-RAM-Screamer-Shout aka Scams-Space Chaser-Spiders-Sticky Boys-Supercharger-Uncle Acid-The Vibrators-The 69 Eyes-´77…and of course THOR.


What´s the thing with Alice Cooper? I can tell you, I´m still a little bit traumatized of my summer vacation in Gothenburg last summer. Alice Cooper played at the Liseberg Park, but also did a surprise show at the Sticky Fingers the day before! It was only announced that „Alice Cooper´s band“ will play, but then he also joined them. Meanwhile in a different corner of the city, we were drinking beer and were disappointed that Night Demon had to cancel their show that night, because their car did not make it from Germany to Sweden at all. So, wrong place, right time…beat that!

Also I can´t see the Hollywood Vampires, were Alice Cooper is a part of. Their German tour starts while I´m still in Sweden. But as I checked the tour map, they have two days off between a show in Russia and the first show in Germany. So there would be some time left…just tell them Tyrolen is the cool brother of Liseberg, then he will show up 😉

If there will be any real news about Muskelrock, I will surely inform you!



Ruhrpott Metal Meeting 2017  aka the weekend of snow chaos…Well, if you live in snowier parts of the world, you laugh about that little amount of snow and ice I call chaos here. We just can´t deal with snow in our area, neither the public transportation system can… My personal plans included a long weekend packed with a lot of music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately I only managed to get to Ruhrpott Metal Meeting only on Friday. When I got in I quickly changed my plan of taking photos from the front hall with all the merch/food/meeting point, it was simply too cold. But it´s good arranged, not too crowded with needless stuff- no Wacken-syndrome 😉 Overall a nice sized indoor festival.  Due to the draft in front of the stage I felt really bad on Saturday, so I sadly missed the second day…

Anyway, let´s start with some photos of Overkill, definitively the crowd favorite of the first night:


More photos soon!



In four weeks the third edition of Ruhrpott Metal Meeting will take place in one of the most known places for big indoor shows in our region. Of course I´m talking about Turbinenhalle. No doubt this piece of industrial history is a must see on the „European Route Of Industrial Heritage“. After steel industry left several locations empty in the 1980s, Turbinenhalle started a new career as a home of disco/concert location in 1993. Obviously the artwork of Ruhrpott Metal Meeting shows some characteristic symbols of industrial culture which can still be found here and there in today´s Ruhrpott landscape.

ruhrpott metal meeting

Ruhrpott Metal Meeting combines national acts from North Rhine-Westphalia, like Onkel Tom, Despair, Orden Ogan and Doro. International bands complete the billing, such as Death Angel, Annihilator, Roots, Overkill, Testament and Insomnium.


In total a good mix of traditional metal genres, some Thrash/Death/Power /Melodic Death Metal and the appearance of a local legend, Ralf Richter! Surely you all know some movies, for example Das Boot, Bang Boom Bang or Manta.


There is also one Warm-Up Party left before the main event will take place. Café Nord in Essen will party hard with you, in about two weeks at 24.11.2017.


See you in four weeks at the best alternative xmas event ,unless you´re into crowded, cold, rainy Christmas markets…I prefer the Ruhrpott Metal Meeting!