In four weeks the third edition of Ruhrpott Metal Meeting will take place in one of the most known places for big indoor shows in our region. Of course I´m talking about Turbinenhalle. No doubt this piece of industrial history is a must see on the „European Route Of Industrial Heritage“. After steel industry left several locations empty in the 1980s, Turbinenhalle started a new career as a home of disco/concert location in 1993. Obviously the artwork of Ruhrpott Metal Meeting shows some characteristic symbols of industrial culture which can still be found here and there in today´s Ruhrpott landscape.

ruhrpott metal meeting

Ruhrpott Metal Meeting combines national acts from North Rhine-Westphalia, like Onkel Tom, Despair, Orden Ogan and Doro. International bands complete the billing, such as Death Angel, Annihilator, Roots, Overkill, Testament and Insomnium.


In total a good mix of traditional metal genres, some Thrash/Death/Power /Melodic Death Metal and the appearance of a local legend, Ralf Richter! Surely you all know some movies, for example Das Boot, Bang Boom Bang or Manta.


There is also one Warm-Up Party left before the main event will take place. Café Nord in Essen will party hard with you, in about two weeks at 24.11.2017.


See you in four weeks at the best alternative xmas event ,unless you´re into crowded, cold, rainy Christmas markets…I prefer the Ruhrpott Metal Meeting!







The Membranes / The Sisters Of Mercy / FZW Dortmund, 24.09.2017

What can I say, my most goth-related concert so far turned out pretty cool! Also my first official press visit at FZW in Dortmund was great, I´d wish all locations would have that kind of organised staff, great sound and stage light! As The Sisters Of Mercy like stage smoke a lot, I expected worse, but it was ok. The support was thankfully not that much on the smoke sight of stage life…The Membranes do a darker sight of sound, mixed with a good shot of punk attitude.



This is Andy.

Andy is not afraid of guyliner.

Andy is historical part of Sodom and Shopping Queen.

Andy is rockin´the shit out of the audience with his band.

All things considered Andy is not giving a damn.

Be like Andy.



Algiers / Depeche Mode / Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen 04.07.2017


Where to start? Maybe with the fact that my first Depeche Mode show was brilliant! Being a teenager in the 90s my personal contact with their music started in the 90s with their new release „It´s No Good“. Some years later I started to spend nights out on „80s Sound“ parties. No wonder Depeche Mode were a constant companion music-wise. While absorbing a lot of different music during my late teen years, my main interest in the early twenties stabilized on Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and the Bowie universe. That´s simply the reason for my first Depeche Mode record „Some Great Reward“, as it was somehow Bowie related ( Bowie-Berlin-Hansa…google it). Since then DM were always there. Maybe not main attraction, but as to many other people solid part of my personal soundtrack of life.

Also being a fan of any kind of rock/heavy metal/on the road/documentary I stumbled over „101“ concert/documentary by Depeche Mode at that time. Being more on the Metal side of music, it was so funny to watch the DM fans meeting some Heavy Metal people on the road. Since then I´m also using the perfect term „Guns´N´Posers“. Thanks for that!

This week it was finally time to see them live after all these years. As I´m more into club shows and smaller festivals, this was a big difference after all these years. My last big „stadium rock“ show was in 2011, my last show at Veltins Arena was in 2008, payment nonsense „Knappenkarte“ sucks….One of the main reasons! Also sound wise there are better places in the world…

Talking about personal concert behavior it was weird to just go home after the show, not having a drink or a conversation with the main band or some other music related people afterwards. Yeah, club shows made me talk like this ha ha…Positive side as this was not a Metal club show, no one broke „the van“ of the band and stole instruments…

Pictures taken from „Front Of Stage“ section  2, about fifth row. Photographers habit, we can´t stop, even when gigs are private pleasure.


01. Going Backwards
02. So Much Love
03. Barrel Of A Gun
04. A Pain That I’m Used To
05. Corrupt
06. In Your Room
07. World In My Eyes
08. Cover Me
09. A Question Of Lust
10. Home
11. Poison Heart
12. Where’s The Revolution
13. Wrong
14. Everything Counts
15. Stripped
16. Enjoy The Silence
17. Never Let Me Down Again
18. Judas
19. Walking In My Shoes
20. Heroes ( Bowie Cover )
21. I Feel You
22. Personal Jesus

What else to say? See you soon? No, quoting „Just Can´t Get Enough“ sounds terribly „Wrong“ here.

*Edit: About three month later I´m almost finished with collecting the huge discography.

Especially in the past days after the show I catched some weird conversations from other people about the show. Regular people you know, people who basically never go to concerts. Those people complained about stuff like „they did not play the old stuff“…Eh??? Are you sure you´ve been in the same room? Well, that´s why I always like to forge my own opinions about bands and life in general.